CRI在线收听:China to further attract more foreign investment in 20172016-12-30
Ministry of Commerce spokesperson Shen Danyang said that foreign trade in China has been developing at a stable pace and going quite well.
CRI在线收听:Young artist performs to convey conception of rhythm in daily life2016-12-29
Unlike dull displays of artworks in windows, an ongoing exhibition in a museum in Beijing includes a live show from the young artist Jiang Shaofeng.
CRI在线收听:Artist Li Lei makes an operatic exhibition in Beijing2016-12-29
Chinese artist Li Lei has displayed the artwork that he's made over the past five years in the Beijing-based Minsheng Art Museum.
CRI在线收听:Chinese mainland to try best for peaceful cross-Straits reunification: spokesperson2016-12-29
An Fengshan, spokesperson for the Taiwan Affairs Office, stressed the mainland's clear and consistent stance on firmly upholding the one-China principle, as well as opposing secessionist activities in Taiwan.
CRI在线收听:Van Ness Wu Releases New Album2016-12-28
Taiwan singer-actor Van Ness Wu has recently released a new album titled Music Won't Hurt Your Body(#MWHYB), which blends LA-style dance music, rock, electronic music, and Motown.
CRI在线收听:Protection of Jiaozhou Bay Emphasized in Qingdao2016-12-28
This is a marine base behind a Qingdao ocean shipping company, where over ten fishing boats anchor. By contrast, more than a year ago, the base used to be occupied by fish breeding rafts.
CRI在线收听:Trade promotes Chinese soft power and culture in Poland2016-12-27
Through the first three quarters of this year, Chinese investment into Poland stood at 1.4 billion US dollars, creating more than 14,000 jobs locally.
CRI在线收听:Bridge to be constructed connecting China and Russia2016-12-26
Construction is now getting underway on a 1.3-kilometer long bridge, which will connect a Chinese border town in Heilongjiang with a Russian community on the other side of the Heilong, or Black Dragon River which divides the two countries.
CRI在线收听:Elemental Fusion: Spanish gemologist embraces jewelry designs with cultural implications2016-12-25
For many foreigners, part of the attraction of China is its mysterious and ancient splendor. But what attracts Chinese people? It was something that Paloma Sanchez, a certified GIA gemologist from Spain, had to learn through first-hand experience. Passionate about gemstones, she opened her first jewelry shop in Beijing in 2008.
CRI在线收听:Russia-China ties beyond strategic partnership: Putin2016-12-25
Taking questions during his annual year-end session with Russian and international media outlets, Vladimir Putin has singled-out China for both its strategic and economic links with Russia.
CRI在线收听:All-star cast promotes their Upcoming Film See You Tomorrow in Beijing2016-12-21
See You Tomorrow, a new comedy directed by popular writer Zhang Jiajia and produced by award-winning Hong Kong director Wong Kar-wai, has been in the spotlight again almost one week ahead of the film's release on December 23.
CRI在线收听:Artist Xu Dongsheng's Painting Exhibition opens in Beijing2016-12-21
From depicting the walking dead to an imagery presentation of the nature of the human soul, Chinese artist Xu Dongsheng has tried his best to explore an ultimate form to manifest life.
CRI在线收听:China home price growth slows with further curbs2016-12-20
New stats from the National Bureau of Statistics are suggesting the property market in China's major cities has begun to stabilize through this past month.
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