美语三级跳 Go English:019B 婚礼: 中级课程2013-12-09
美语三级跳 Go English:024C 体育运动: 高级课程2011-04-08
Professor: Today Ryan is meeting for coffee with his friend Alice, who he hasn't seen for a few months. Ryan has been working out a lot during that time and has gotten in really fantastic shape.
美语三级跳 Go English:024A 体育运动: 初级课程2011-03-21
美语三级跳 Go English:024B 体育运动: 中级课程2011-03-20
美语三级跳 Go English:023C 移民入籍: 高级课程2011-03-20
Amir just became an American citizen, and this year he is voting in his first American election. Today he is having breakfast with his wife, Sharon, and they're talking about the upcoming election.
美语三级跳 Go English:023B 移民入籍: 中级课程2011-03-03
Great, that's really helpful for me. When you aren't a native English speaker, it can be hard to read all the documents and understand the naturalization process.
美语三级跳 Go English:023A 移民入籍: 初级课程2011-03-02
Amir已经在美国生活了几年,在考虑入籍成为美国公民。他找朋友Susan, 打听入籍的手续。
美语三级跳 Go English:022C 出行: 高级课程2011-03-02
Today is Craig's first day at his new job, but he got lost on his way to the office so he's really late. In this first section he is talking to his co-worker, Tina, about the best way to get to work.
美语三级跳 Go English:022B 出行: 中级课程2011-02-12
美语三级跳 Go English:022A 出行: 初级课程2011-02-11
Craig被纽约一家大公司录用,今天第一天上班。他刚搬来纽约不久,对公司周围的路不太熟,为了保险起见,他决定打车去公司take a taxi。
美语三级跳 Go English:021C 远足旅行: 高级课程2011-02-11
Professor: Daphne took Roger on a camping trip, but Roger had a terrible time because he is from the city and isn't used to being in nature.
美语三级跳 Go English:021A 远足旅行: 初级课程2011-02-10
美语三级跳 Go English:021B 远足旅行: 中级课程2011-02-10
Daphne和Roger一起去山里露营。到了晚上,俩人坐在campfire 篝火旁边聊天儿。
美语三级跳 Go English:020C 高中生活: 高级课程2011-01-07
Jeremy invited Heather to his party last weekend because she helped him cheat on his math homework. Today Jeremy is talking with his friend Allison about some of the gossip people have been saying since the party.
美语三级跳 Go English:020B 高中生活: 中级课程2011-01-05
美语三级跳 Go English:020A 高中生活: 初级课程2011-01-05
美语三级跳 Go English:019C 婚礼: 高级课程2010-12-14
John got married to his wife Carmen a few months ago, and today he is meeting up with his friend Chuck to talk about his new married life.
美语三级跳 Go English:019B 婚礼: 中级课程2010-12-13
Professor: John and Carmen decided to have their wedding in a small church in Carmen's home town. Today, they are planning the details.
美语三级跳 Go English:019A 婚礼: 初级课程2010-12-13
美语三级跳 Go English:018B 医药: 中级课程2010-12-12
美语三级跳 Go English:018C 医药: 高级课程2010-12-12
Helen hasn't been feeling well lately, and in the last episode the doctor told her that the cause might be mental stress. So today she is going to talk to a therapist.
美语三级跳 Go English:018A 医药: 初级课程2010-11-21
Winnie, they are both stores where you buy medicine. In this first section, Helen is talking to the pharmacist to get recommendations on what kind of medicine she should take.
美语三级跳 Go English:017C 宠物: 高级课程2010-11-21
Tom和Mindy养的狗不听话,今天带它去看pet psychologist 宠物心理医生。
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