体育美语 Sports English:052 登山 - Mountain Climbing 22010-11-18
Jeez Yang Chen, that was a close call! You almost fell off the side of a cliff. It's a good thing for you that I was able to pull you back to safety.
体育美语 Sports English:051 登山 - Mountain Climbing 12010-11-18
Don't worry, I'm an expert mountain climber. I am as steady on these steep slopes as a mountain goat.
体育美语 Sports English:050 吃热狗比赛 - Eating Contest2010-09-17
Yang Chen, we're doing an awesome sport today. You're going to be really excited. Today we're doing competitive eating.
体育美语 Sports English:049 游泳 - Swimming2010-09-15
Backstroke isn't bad, but you should check out my butterfly stroke (Splash Sound). Way better.
体育美语 Sports English:047 车尾派对 - Tailgating party2010-09-14
Of course you are invited. Yang Chen. Tailgating is when football fans gather outside the football stadium in the parking lot, and they host barbecue parties before, during and after the game.
体育美语 Sports English:048 砍木头比赛 - Logger Sports2010-09-14
You know, Yang Chen, I think the best thing about Christmas is spending time with people you care about.
体育美语 Sports English: 046 冰球守门员 - Hockey-Goalie2010-09-13
No Yang Chen. It looks like one of the players on the Bruins is about to score a hat trick.
体育美语 Sports English:045 冰球 - Hockey2010-09-13
今天我和Marc, Patrick一起看冰球比赛。
体育美语 Sports English:043 跟腱问题 - Achilles Tendon Problem2010-09-12
Achilles tendon is in the lower back part of your leg. It connects your foot to the muscle.
体育美语 Sports English:044 篮球 - Basketball2010-09-12
you may be educated, but getting schooled or to get schooled, means to get embarrassed by someone who has superior skill compared to you in head-to-head competition.
体育美语 Sports English: 042 越野滑雪 - Cross Country Skiing2010-09-11
Here we are out in the great Alaskan wilds, ready to go cross-country skiing!
体育美语 Sports English:041 健美 - Keeping Fit2010-09-11
Hey Patrick, 我今天才发现你很健美,you look fit. 还有个什么词儿?
体育美语 Sports English:040 三振出局 - Three strikes and you're out2010-09-10
Third time. You know Yang Chen, you aren't allowed to be in charge of bringing the tickets anymore.
体育美语 Sports English:039 夏威夷冲浪 - Surfing in Hawaii2010-09-10
This is terrific. I can't believe we are in Hawaii, Yang Chen!
体育美语 Sports English:038 冬季两项 - Biathlon2010-09-09
Yang Chen, I'm watching the Winter Olympics on TV. Today they are having the biathlon competition.
体育美语 Sports English:037 滑雪 - Skiing2010-09-09
Thanks. But before we go, I should tell you some safety rules. Skiing can be dangerous if you don't know what you're doing.
体育美语 Sports English: 036 钓鱼 - Fishing2010-09-08
Don't worry Yang Chen, once we're back on shore tonight eating the delicious fish we caught today, being a little sea sick will be totally worth it.
体育美语 Sports English:035 座位太远 - Nose bleed section2010-09-08
That's just a joke. It means that the seats are so high up that it's like you're on top of a mountain, and your nose starts bleeding because the air is so thin.
体育美语 Sports English:033 ballet2010-09-07
To show my girlfriend my feminine and delicate side, I'm going to do a ballet dance for her.
体育美语 Sports English:034 biathlon2010-09-07
Well, Yang Chen, I'm watching the Winter Olympics on TV. Today they are having the biathlon competition.
体育美语 Sports English:032 poker2010-09-06
I have an idea. Let's watch the poker tournament on TV!
体育美语 Sports English:030 Putt-putt Golf2010-09-06
I'm teaching Yang, well, I'm trying to teach Yang Chen, how to play golf.
体育美语 Sports English:031 Pull your punches2010-09-06
You know Yang Chen, I think Kung fu may be the only sport where you have the upper hand on me.
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