华尔街高级英语 Lesson 12011-04-16
I was just wondering if you had a washing machine that’s all! It doesn’t matter; I think I’ll be going now.
华尔街高级英语 Lesson 22011-04-16
Great! I shouldn’t have given her all that money. What a load of garbage! You will meet some interesting new people.
华尔街高级英语 Lesson 32011-04-15
Do you remember the good old days, when Hugo and I were neighbors, and. Hey, I’m sorry Annie, I shouldn’t have mentioned Hugo.
华尔街高级英语 Lesson 42011-04-15
Right. What we’ll do is this: we’ll follow him, and see what he does next. And let’s tell the Chief what we found.
华尔街高级英语 Lesson 52011-04-14
Although this salesman has only been working with the organization for two weeks, it is already quite possible to give a general picture of his success in selling and his value to the organization.
华尔街高级英语 Lesson 62011-04-14
She said… what was it now? Let me see if I can remember. Oh, yeah, these are these Germans, right, and they’re in… I don’t know, maybe some kind of trouble with the police, and yeah, anyway, she’s got message for you.
华尔街高级英语 Lesson 72011-04-13
German police still have no idea of the whereabouts of industrialist, Werner Limbock, head of the giant chemical multinational craft. Mr. Limbock was kidnapped two days ago apparently by a group of environmentalist terrorists.
华尔街高级英语 Lesson 82011-04-13
华尔街高级英语 Lesson 92011-04-12
Why did the daughter of Mexico’s Mr. Big marry the son of an international drugs criminal, and brother of a well-know terrorist? And who really gave the order to kill
华尔街高级英语 Lesson 102011-04-12
The sidewalk’s very narrow, sir, not nearly wide enough for a big car like this.
华尔街高级英语 Lesson 112011-04-11
That’s definitely his handwriting! It’s extraordinary, though, that he left it so long before contracting us.
华尔街高级英语 Lesson 122011-04-11
Well one of them’s going one way, and the other one’s going the other way, sir.
华尔街高级英语 Lesson 132011-04-10
Yes, you can hire them from the same company, what co you think that man is ?
华尔街高级英语 Lesson 142011-04-10
Get hold on yourself, man! Go back to his apartment and wait for him there. Report back to me when you reach Mount Street
华尔街高级英语 Lesson 152011-04-09
Well ,What do you intend to do about it, the a brochure for your hotel clearly state that all rooms have air conditioning
华尔街高级英语 Lesson 162011-04-09
I told you , I don’t know. Look, there seems to be a bit of confusion here , can we start from beginning please Will you just call Miss Tumura in her room and tell her David Peters is here
华尔街高级英语 Lesson 182011-04-08
But really-here I am, asking you for an English lesson one minute after meeting you again .You must forgive me.
华尔街高级英语 Lesson 172011-04-08
You can have your clothes washed and cleaned by our expert staff, and your car personally parked for you , while you relax in the comfort of your own air-conditioned room, with its wonderful view of Washdon’s historic Great Northern station
华尔街高级英语 Lesson 202011-04-07
When are you going to do something with your life? Well?? For God sake say something-don’t just stand there!
华尔街高级英语 Lesson 192011-04-07
Well, I must go now, David. We're invited to tea with some representatives of the Britican Insurance Association.
华尔街高级英语 Lesson 212011-04-06
Henson reporting. David Peters has just left his apartment, sir, followed by a –wait a moment, sir-a dinner plate.
华尔街高级英语 Lesson 222011-04-06
I know this will come as an enormous surprise to you, I hope it will be a pleasant rather than an unpleasant one. As you can see. I didn’t die in Trinidad although I came very close to it, and I have taken the opportunity during these past few years to look at my life and what really matters to me.
华尔街高级英语 Lesson 242011-04-05
Sorry about that! That can’t be right, it says “Washdon City Center”. Hey, what’s the matter with my car?
华尔街高级英语 Lesson 232011-04-05
Good. Well, the customer’s name is Mr. Theo Gusper. He’s flying on BO 472 from Tokyo, landing at 10:20. Thank you.
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