许国璋英语听力第二册 Lesson 12012-04-09
Asia is the largest of the continents of the world.It is larger than African,larger than either of the two Americas,and four times as large as Europe.Asia and Europe form a huge land mass.Indeed Europe is so much smaller than Asia that some geographers regard Europe as peninsula of Asia.
许国璋英语听力第二册 Lesson 22012-04-08
Long long ago, there lived in Greece a king whose name was Midas. He was a great man and loved gold better than anything else in the world.
许国璋英语听力第二册 Lesson 32012-04-08
battle after battle was fougt ,six times bruce led his brave little army the enemy ,and six times his men were beaten ,his army was scatterd ,and he was forced to go into hiding in the woods or in lonely places in the mountains .
许国璋英语听力第二册 Lesson 42012-04-07
At this we all cheered. Of course, we would revisit that beautiful mountain village on the banks of the Yongding River!
许国璋英语听力第二册 Lesson 52012-04-07
In her sixth period today, Mrs. Cox taught a poem by a well-known Black writer in the United States. She wrote the poem on the blackboard and read it aloud.
许国璋英语听力第二册 Lesson 62012-04-07
It was a cold winter day. The wind had brought dark clouds and heavy rain, so it was impossible to take a walk. Eliza, John and Georgiana were gathered round their mother in the sitting-room.
许国璋英语听力第二册 Lesson 72012-04-07
许国璋英语听力第二册 Lesson 7,本听力暂无文本内容,欢迎来邮件提供文本!
许国璋英语听力第二册 Lesson 82012-04-05
许国璋英语听力第二册 Lesson 8,本听力暂无文本内容,欢迎来邮件提供文本!
许国璋英语听力第二册 Lesson 92012-04-05
Once upon a time there was an honest little fellow named Hans. He lived in a cottage all alone, and every day he worked in his garden. In all the village there was no garden so lovely as his.
许国璋英语听力第二册 Lesson 102012-04-04
As soon as winter was over and the primroses began to bloom, the Miller went to visit little Hans.
许国璋英语听力第二册 Lesson 112012-04-04
许国璋英语听力第二册 Lesson 11,本听力暂无文本内容,欢迎来邮件提供文本!
许国璋英语听力第二册 Lesson 122012-04-03
许国璋英语听力第二册 Lesson 12,本听力暂无文本内容,欢迎来邮件提供文本!
许国璋英语听力第二册 Lesson 132012-04-03
许国璋英语听力第二册 Lesson 13,本听力暂无文本内容,欢迎来邮件提供文本!
许国璋英语听力第二册 Lesson 142012-04-02
My last lesson in French! I hardly knew how to write, and I never should learn now. How I regretted the hours wasted in the woods and fields, the days when I had played and should have studied!
许国璋英语听力第二册 Lesson 152012-04-02
Early in 1493 Columbus returned to Spain. There was great rejoicing in the country, and he was hailed as the hero who had made an epoch-making discovery.


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